Thursday, December 11, 2014

FEATURED SHORT STORY: Summer of '95 by Michael Ewing



Michael Ewing

The blaring alarm shattered my sleep. I groaned and cracked my greasy eyes open wondering when five-thirty in the morning had gotten so damned bright. I pulled the pillow over my aching head and tried to figure out a way of not going into work. The night before I had gone out drinking at Shy’s with Scott and Justine for their anniversary and had overindulged. Yesterday, my boss, Gregg, had asked me for five more names for layoffs and it was easy to drink more than I should have. God, I hated my job.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Yearning to be Free at 50

Dance like no one’s watching, Brene Brown advises, sing! Who cares what others think?

Most of us want to take off our “game face” and let our true selves emerge. Never is this more true than in middle age when we are rediscovering who we are, what we love, our passions, our interests, our beliefs, our long held, subterranean goals.

This yearning to be free grow stronger after the death of a beloved parent, one we wanted to impress.  Or the departure of our children, to lead their own lives.

They are free. Why shouldn't we be free too? Why shouldn't we lead the life we want? Be who we want? Act how we want?

And yet something holds us back.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Five tips for better sleep for older people

The NYTs reports a link between anxiety drugs and memory problems, possibly even Alzheimers.

This is an excellent reminder that one of the best things older people can do to safeguard their health is to find non-drug solutions for sleeping problems.

Here are five tips for improving sleep.

1) reduce napping during the day

2) drink less alcohol (if you like two drinks in the evening, try one instead...)

3) get some exercise, if possible in the fresh air, but even cleaning house or going for a little walk is helpful, an age-appropriate Zumba or Yoga class could be a lot of fun - anything to move those bones!

4) do something that stimulates the mind - a conversation, a good book (a bad book!), a lecture, a movie, art, build or fix something, help someone...

5) if you are being woken up in the night and having trouble getting back to sleep, try to identify and eliminate the cause - earplugs if it's noise, less liquid if it's going to the bathroom, room temperatures, mattress etc....

Share your tips for good sleep!